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We warmly welcome you to Knock off Sports Academy, your singular destination for sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational.

Our services include Cricket and Football academy to identify talent of young cricket and football enthusiasts and transform them to Sports Professionals with an environment for participation, learning and success underpinned by the ethos of cricket and football; trained under high-quality coaching and a system of progression. A promise to produce successful, competitive and entertaining cricket.


  • Knock off Sports Academy identifies talent of young Cricket enthusiasts and transforms them to Sports professionals by enhancing their performance with unique techniques for creating a better Sportsman.
  • We are known for the development of real grassroots level cricket in Mumbai.
  • Increasing participation and engagement in grass root Cricket.
  • Provide high-quality coaching and a system of progression.
  • We strive to provide opportunities for all, regardless of their demographics.
  • Give Matches experience and exposure to all age players
  • Building confidence in all children to  perform at their best and get maximum enjoyment out of the game


Our primary focuses lie on Sports Education Development – which is the first curriculum based sports teaching program in Mumbai. We have different development programs based on ideas or principles which helps the kids to develop their traits.

Coaches Background:

Strong base of first-class cricket experience under-state level coaches and reputed clubs of Mumbai with good experience of playing high-level tournaments conducted by Mumbai Cricket Association lastly till dates long experience of coaching kids of different level of ages. Very decent background, good moral characters.

Equipment explanation:

  • Kangaroo cricket spring wickets-It has a highly strong wooden stump, with strong iron and spring base.
  • Bola professional 2018 cricket bowling machine-Its automatic bowling M/C. It has any speed you adjust. It is fully closed. It has a digital control panel which shows accurate speed. It has a quick sensor for quick recovery. Very good to improve batting against fast and fastest bowler. Can practice any kind of strokes in any direction of the ground in any way without anybody’s help but under the guidance of coaches. Practice and improve different strokes in different angles. Most important improve footwork and defence.
  • Double-sided rebounder-This cricket rebound net features a dual-sided design which allows players to train simultaneously. The rebounder is an excellent choice for wicket-keepers and slips fielders plus close infielders. It improves catching abilities and leg movements.
  • Cone ladder-Improves your ability to jump in a different way and sides of the ground. Good to improve leg movements.
  • Bounce back hurdle– These are perfect for high knee power and plyometric training drill challenge. The taller or more advanced athletes with strides technique drills forcing a high knee power recovery. This is also excellent plyometric jumping drills for the more powerful athletes. These are an excellent addition to any training kit.
  • Rubber re-bounder practice catching cricket bat-thick foam rubber face for catching adds extreme rebound properties to a wooden bat.
  • Pop up ball stop– It is a drill with net where the whole team can be involved in fielding practice without wicket-keeper. Can practice run throw on the stumps? Ball thrown toward the stump is the shielded by the net to reduce time to fetch the ball.
  • Cricket catching mitt– It’s like baseball’s one hand leather gloves. It is used by coaches while giving catch practice.
  • Flexi based target stump-(only one stump with rubber base with detachable spike). Can be used indoor and outdoor. Ideal for practicing run outs and fielding drill.
  • Adjustable flat agility ladder– It is suitable for most surfaces and conditions. Great for all sports, clubs, fitness instructor, school and colleges sports activities.
  • Speed chute– Resistance harness for speed, stride power and leg strength training. The parachutes attached to a harness around the chest.
  • Medicine ball-You can greatly improve your Co-ordination and balance. Medicine ball workout can train up the cardiovascular system. It can make your strength improved by taking diverse weights of medicine ball. Workouts includes lungs, squats, single-leg, slams, v-ups, kneel to push ups and other strength training.

Rules and Regulation:

  • Each player will his/her name and membership number at the time of entry in the register kept at the entrance of the cricket turf field.
  • Entry inside the cricket field for players (EIS) only.
  • All players will play in proper cricket uniform only and should possess complete cricket kit which includes cricket bat, batting guards, thigh guards, abdomen/balls guard, batting gloves and helmets (cricket) etc.
  • All instructions by the cricket coaches shall be strictly followed. Coaches are authorised to refuse any person from playing cricket awing to misbehaviour or infringement of the rules and regulations.
  • Players are strictly prohibited to bring any eatables in the field and spoil the cricket field in any way.
  • No player is allowed to carry any valuables, ornaments, mobile phones into the field and in case any loss of valuables, management, coaches or staff will not be responsible.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded and is not transferable.
  • Membership will only be given after thorough scrutiny of the form. Registration does not confirm the membership.
  • Visitors/Guardians are not allowed inside the playing and practice field.
  • Management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

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